The Villages Polo Booster Club

Post Office Box 181
Fruitland Park, FL 34731-9998 



Front row from left to right: 
Bill Hicks, Sandi Madsen, President Bea Hester,
Minnie Kidd, Karla Kraft and Ann Wasman

Back row from left to right: 
Lord Lyall, Stew Uhler and Jeff Madsen

Absent from the photo: 
Walter Martin, Carla Huffman and Biff Gratton.


Hi Booster Club Members,

A BIG WELCOME to the 110 new members who have recently joined our club during the 101 classes.  They are embarking on an exciting journey which is shared by many of our members.
I have decided to send out my “A MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT” once more. I want the new members to know they can express their enthusiasm for the game of polo in an exuberant manner.  If you feel it-express it. The members who had read my message before can page down to the important info about the 102 Class.

Polo is a fascinating and fast pace team sport which captures your attention and sometimes leaves you breathless.  The wonderful and exciting sensation starts to intensify a few minutes before you reach the entrance gate to The Villages Polo Stadium, and when the 1st chukker commence, you will focus your attention on the intense concentration of the players and the agility of their ponies.  The players are at one with their ponies, and you are at one with the entire experience.

 The Villages Polo Booster Club adds another element to the polo experience.  The definition of “Booster” means to elevate, or to heighten. Our goals are to maintain the high standards of the club and continue that positive direction throughout the polo seasons. The club shall continue to enrich and enlighten our members about some of the captivating aspects of the sport through very interesting classes and wonderful events.  Every time a booster member attends a class or event, they become more knowledgeable about the game of polo. Many members have experienced the thrill of seeing the high goal level of polo played at The Wellington Polo Club, in Wellington, Fl., and Sarasota, Fl., and they have enjoyed several exciting days in Barbados watching The Villages Polo Club play against The Barbados Polo Club.

We are a very enthusiastic group who shares a common bond in experiencing the exciting sport of polo; especially, when our favorite player, pony or a well-executed play resulted in a goal scored.  The thrill of the game helps to stimulate the members, and the members’ cheering helps to motivate the players. If our excitement motivates the new attendees into cheering, then we have accomplished one of our goals which is to lift up the spirit of the game of polo.

Let us cheer together, "There's no other sport like polo"!

Beatrice (Bea) Hester, President
The Villages Polo Booster Club

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